I try to import data from a XML file into SQL Server CE database. I use ErikEJ SQL Server Compact Bulk Insert Library (from NuGet) this library on codeplex. I create database and table. Then I read XML to DataTable and import this DataTable to DB table.

DataSet ds = new DataSet();
DataTable table = new DataTable();
table = ds.Tables[0];
String connString = @"Data Source = test.sdf";
SqlCeBulkCopy bulkInsert = new SqlCeBulkCopy(connString);
bulkInsert.DestinationTableName = "testtable";

It works on a small xml, but when I use large xml (more then 1gb) I get this error on ReadXml :

"System.OutOfMemoryException" in mscorlib.dll

How to fix this?

update: I know that this error because I use large xml - question is how optimize this algorithm, mayby using buffer or read xml part by part, any idea?


There is no simple libary that will solve this for you.

You need to read the XML file in a streaming fashion ( Reading Xml with XmlReader in C# ) to avoid loading the entire XML file, and then for each element read add these to a List or DataTable, up to say 100,000 entries, then BulkInsert those, dispose/clear all unused objects and go on, until the entire file has been read.

In addition, calls to SqlCeBulkCopy should be wrapped in usings to dispose unmanaged resources:

using (SqlCeBulkCopy bulkInsert = new SqlCeBulkCopy(connString))
   bulkInsert.DestinationTableName = "testtable";
  • Thk, but if I use DataTable.ReadXml() how to limit for examle 100000 entries? And then begin from 100001? – e1s Apr 3 '15 at 7:54
  • Dont use DataTable.ReadXml, but use a xmlreader and add 1 row per read to a DataTable or List<T>, and count how many you have added. When you reach 100000, then run blukcopy, and continue... – ErikEJ Apr 3 '15 at 8:23

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