I am in a situation where I am running my GridServer and Nodes on the cloud and

when I want to access the Grid I use: http://someip:4444/grid/console

When I want to access the node I use: http:someip:<nodeport>/wd/hub

I think its a kind of threat as the IPs are publicly accessible. How can I limit that it shouldn't be opened by external users.

Is there any solution for it?


Selenium is not supporting that.

For that purposes you should make a p2p connection between you and grid. VPN or ssh tunnel will work. Just forward remote server port to a local port:

ssh user@SERVER -L 4444:

Now, connecting to a local 4444 port will forward you to the remote address "SERVER". All the connection is secured by ssh login/password now and the traffic is hidden in a secure tunnel.

  • But, how would you handle grid-hub relationship with VPN or ssh tunnel? – Saifur Apr 7 '15 at 18:01
  • Really simple. You will just change the IP addresses of the grid master/slaves. For example if you will use VPN, you can setup the vpn server on a grid maser server and connect to that VPN server from all the hubs. – Stan E Apr 7 '15 at 18:07

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