I'm writing a python application that is supposed to run differently, depending on host/guest system context.

What I need is a function that tells where I am:

if IamRunningOnHost():
    #start server if not running, connect to server
else: #running on guest
    #use different ip, terminate if server not running

Now the easiest way would be to detect some known file system differences between host and guest system or to have a config which I edit manually each time I switch system context.

Is there a cleaner and more universal way to differentiate whenever I am running inside of VirtualBox?

Edit1: My guest and host are both linux operating systems.

Edit2: I failed to mention, it has to be achieved via python call and without the need for root privileges. I also don't want to install additional software in the guest. I simply want to copy and run the application without the requirement of further system changes. The suggested duplicate "Detect virtualized OS from an application?" is therefore not helpful for me.

  • What's the operating system of the Host and Guest? I have a powershell script template I recently put together to grab system info (that would differentiate between virtual and host) so if one or both are Win 7/8 I can give you that. I know for certain that Windows VM's contain system info that is easily recognizable as being Virtual. I can only assume that Linux VM's would share similar qualities. My suggestion is to find some Static VM info, through some kind of CLI spec output, and compare (If/Else) that to the hosts respective data. – BiTinerary Apr 3 '15 at 15:55
  • Both systems are ubuntu 14, so your script probably won't help. But I'll add that to my question. – evolution Apr 3 '15 at 16:11
  • 1
    The process would be similar though. Run a command that lists specs of current running machine. ie: (lshw, lscpu, lspci) Filter out some specific, static information that clearly indicates usage of a VM or Host. Store that information in a variable. Cross reference the variable to something else of your choosing using an if/else. A simple suggestion would be... if Variable = "VirtualBox" start server else use different IP I grabbed a screen shot for you of lshw in Ubuntu in a VM. s29.postimg.org/aiphz4jmf/Capture.png – BiTinerary Apr 3 '15 at 16:36
  • Thanks :) lshw | grep VirtualBox ; lspci | grep VirtualBox is good enough and I can combine it with subprocess.Popen I can then get the answer via .communicate()as suggested here: stackoverflow.com/questions/3503879/… – evolution Apr 3 '15 at 17:04