I've some applications installed to my customers and I configured smtp appender to receive errors email.

Unfortunally I need a way to understand from which customer is arriving the email.

I'm trying to set a parameter in the map in order to show it as the subject of the email. I can set this parameter only after my app is started and the db is up:

String[] parametri = {username};

and my log4j2.xml is:

<SMTP name="Mailer" subject="${sys:logPath} - ${map:0}" to="${receipients}"
        from="${from}" smtpHost="${smtpHost}" smtpPort="${smtpPort}"
        smtpProtocol="${smtpProtocol}" smtpUsername="${smtpUser}"
        smtpPassword="${smtpPassword}" smtpDebug="false" bufferSize="200"

the subject is the relevant part. Unfortunally the subject is not replaced from log4j and remains as it is.

What I'm doing wrong?



Currently, the SmtpAppender class (actually its helper SmtpManager) creates a MimeMessage object once and reuses it for all messages to be sent. The message subject is initialized only once. The lookup is done only once when your configuration is read.

I suggest you raise a feature request on the Log4j2 Jira issue tracker for your use case.


Note: log4j 2.6+ supports this natively; you need Java7+ for this.

I created a free useable solution for log4j2 and also Java6 with an ExtendedSmtpAppender supporting PatternLayout in subject.
If you still use log4j 1.x (original question), simply replace your log4j-1.x.jar with log4j-1.2-api-2.x.jar - and log4j-core-2.x.jar + log4j-api-2.x.jar of course.

You get it from Maven Central as de.it-tw:log4j2-extras (This requires Java 7+ and log4j 2.8+).
If you are restricted to Java 6 (and thus log4j 2.3) then use de.it-tw:log4j2-Java6-extras

See also the GitLab project: https://gitlab.com/thiesw/log4j2-extras (or https://gitlab.com/thiesw/log4j2-Java6-extras)

Additionally, it supports burst summarizing, so you will not get 1000 error emails within a few seconds or minutes. Use case: Send all ERROR-logs via Email to support/developer. On a broken network or database this can cause hundreds of the same error email. This appender does the following:

  • the first occurrence is emailed immediately
  • all following similar ERROR logs are buffered for a certain time (similarity and time is configurable)
  • after the time passed, a summary email with summary info (number of events, time) and the first and last event is send

Example configuration (inside <Appenders>):

<SMTPx name="ErrorMail" smtpHost="mailer.xxxx.de" smtpPort="25"
        from="your name &lt;noReply@xxx.de>"  to="${errorEmailAddresses}"
        subject="[PROJECT-ID, ${hostName}, ${web:contextPath}] %p: %c{1} - %m%notEmpty{ =>%ex{short})}"
        subjectWithLayout="true"  bufferSize="5"
        burstSummarizingSeconds="300" bsCountInSubject="S" bsMessageMaskDigits="true"
        bsExceptionOrigin="true" >
    <PatternLayout pattern="-- %d  %p  %c [%.20t,%x]  %m%n" charset="UTF-8" />      <!-- SMTP uses fixed charset for message -->
<Async name="AsyncErrorMail" blocking="false" errorRef="Console">
    <AppenderRef ref="ErrorMail"/>

See also https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LOG4J2-1192.

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