Developing a simple java GUI application using swing.

I have a ArrayList fetched from a file. How do I display that as a drop down for the user to select. And how to obtain the object which the user has selected.??

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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This link should help you to create the drop down menu: http://www.java2s.com/Code/Java/Swing-JFC/Usingdropdownlists.htm

In the part where you insert items in your menu just loop throught your ArrayList items and select them one by one.

for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {
    //insert in menu .. list.get(i); 

The actionlistener will take care of the action. ie to know wich element was selected.

Some more info here: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/events/actionlistener.html


This is an example for using a fixed string array. It is a fairly simple extrapolation from this code to an arrayList imported from a file:

// define items in a String array:
    String[] languages = new String[] {"English", "French", "Spanish", "Japanese", "Chinese"};

    // create a combo box with the fixed array:
    JComboBox<String> comboLanguage = new JComboBox<String>(languages);

Look at JComboBox's constructors. You can supply a ComboBoxModel, an array, or a Vector. If you have a List then just create a new Vector from it.

new JComboBox(new Vector(list));

If you want your combobox to dynamically change then you'll need to use a ComboBoxModel.


If you have a collection of objects and want to display a value, you can use the Vector class as the model and then create a custom renderer using the BasicComboBoxRenderer class to display the text.

    Vector<Employee> data = new Vector<Employee>();
    data.addElement(new Employee(1001, "John Smith"));
    data.addElement(new Employee(1002, "Linda Baker"));
    data.addElement(new Employee(1003, "Youcef Hussain"));
    data.addElement(new Employee(1004, "Jia Lia"));

    JComboBox jcb = new JComboBox(data);
    jcb.setRenderer(new ComboBoxRenderer());

class ComboBoxRenderer extends javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicComboBoxRenderer
    public Component getListCellRendererComponent(JList list,Object value,int index,boolean isSelected,boolean cellHasFocus)
        Employee emp = (Employee)value;
        return this;

class Employee{
    protected int employee_id;
    public String employee_name;

    public Employee(int id, String name){
        this.employee_id = id;
        this.employee_name = name;

    public String getName(){
        return this.employee_name;

Full code sample can be found here http://www.hostprojects.net/snippets/java/158/basiccomboboxrenderer-example

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