I am trying to create a plugin with a task, but I have trouble getting access to an instance of I18bean for retrieving internationalized message. Does anyone has a hint on how to do it ?

  • By the way, I tried to create the tag bamboo-plugin-development, But I don't have enough reputation. Can somebody with enough clout could do it ? Thanks a lot
    – Teocali
    Apr 5, 2015 at 9:08

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Found it. You need to add a constructor with a I18nBeanFactory parameter and use this one for retrieving an I18nBean

public class CreateFileTask implements TaskType {

    public I18nBeanFactory i18nBeanFactory;

    public CreateFileTask(I18nBeanFactory i18nBeanFactory) {
    public TaskResult execute(TaskContext taskContext) throws TaskException {
        I18nBean i18nBean = i18nBeanFactory.getI18nBean();

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