I am doing android app in meteor. Its in development stage. I just tried to build apk for testing purpose. But when I try to install apk file, device says "Application not installed". I tried the following steps.

meteor build ../build --server

The above command generate unaligned.apk file in android directory and CordovaApp-release-unsigned.apk in android/project/ant-build directory. Both apk says "Application not installed". So I add following lines

  name: 'My App',
  description: 'An Android app built with Meteor',
  version: '0.0.1'

in mobile-config.js in app root directory. But Again I got the same issue "Application not installed".

Is anything wrong in my steps? Why APK is not installed? How to build right apk with meteor?


Let me answer my question. It works fine for me.

Build APK by

meteor build ~/build-output-directory \

Now you can sign your app by

keytool -genkey -alias your-app-name -keyalg RSA \
    -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

cd ~/build-output-directory/android/
jarsigner -digestalg SHA1 unaligned.apk your-app-name

After signed I can able to install and share my apk file. More detail from meteor.


Looks like there is a bug in meteor. You should sign in your application. Please, check the following thread: Meteor cordova on Android building app


I see there is an accepted answer but maybe anyone with my problem will find this useful:

I had the same "App not Installed" error even though I was 100% sure that app is signed and zipalined. Then I tried to install the app through adb:

$ adb install my_app.apk

Then I realised that probably my app was not deleted properly from my phone so I uninstalled it with adb (since I was unable to uninstal using the phone GUI) and it worked :)

$adb uninstall com.my_app.id

Hope this helps someone.

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