I'm using omniauth to access profiles, though I've setup the linkedin gem and used the access tockens from omniauth so that I can do a seperate pull to access different picture sizes.

Here's my code:

  client = LinkedIn::Client.new
  client.authorize_from_access(auth.extra.access_token.token, auth.extra.access_token.secret)
  linkedinpicture = client.profile.picture-urls::(original)

This doesn't work, it returns an error of

undefined local variable or method 'urls'

But at the same time I know the API caller is working because if I access the users headline (client.profile.headline) instead of their picture-urls then it works fine. Is it something with the syntax that I need to format properly? I'm guessing it doesn't like the '-' character.

Here's the LinkedIn documentation I'm referencing: https://developer.linkedin.com/docs/fields/basic-profile

Any thoughts would be great.

  • you should check the gem that provided the LinkedIn module – Mohammad AbuShady Apr 4 '15 at 14:36

Instead of:

linkedinpicture = client.profile.picture-urls::(original)


linkedinpicture = client.picture_urls(:id => 'id_of_connection')

See https://github.com/hexgnu/linkedin/blob/c0ec6a6960f21fcd428916c53b3c229907a7af79/lib/linked_in/api/people.rb#L56-L70 for the relevant gem code.

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