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I'm trying to figure out this one, but NSSet(array: x).allObjects works only with [Int].

How to get Generating Random non repeatable array?

var x = map(1...5) { _ in arc4random_uniform(15)}
let xNonRepating = NSSet(array: x).allObjects
if x.count != xNonRepating.count {
    //do nothing
} else {
    x = map(1...5) { _ in arc4random_uniform(15)}

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First you have to convert the result from arc4random_uniform to Int:

var draw = map(1...5) { _ in Int(arc4random_uniform(15))}

Then you need to create a while loop that will only execute if the numbers of unique elements contained in your NSSet array is less than the draw count.

var badDrawCounter = 0
while NSSet(array: draw).count < draw.count {
    //it will only enter here if there was a repeated number in your draw
    println("bad draw = \(draw)")
    // lets draw it again and if the result is not ok it will stay looping until you get a good draw (no repeating numbers)
    draw = map(1...5) { _ in Int(arc4random_uniform(15))}

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It isn't very clear what you are asking.

If you want to be able to fetch objects out of an array with no repeats, use something like this:

var seedArray = ["one", "two", "three", "four", "five"]
var randomArray = Array()

func randomString -> String
  if randomArray.count = 0
    randomArray += seedArray
  return randomArray.removeAtIndex(arc4random_uniform(randomArray.count))

You could adapt the above approach to hold an array of any kind of object, or change it to a generic so you could manage arrays of any type of object you want.

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