So I was trying to execute a very simple ruby file that I saved in my user folder (by default) and I tried to execute it from Terminal (I am on the Yosemite version). After entering:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby (then dragged the file to Terminal)

it gives me this: -bash: (file) Permission denied

I have been looking that on the Internet and they said that I should unlock Root, I did so already but it still returns me the same denial.

I am very new in this things and would love to get some help! Smile | :)


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You need the execute permission on the file chmod +x my_file to execute it.

3 ways to execute a ruby script :

If you're using bash:

. my_file

In any shell:


ruby my_file (only this one doesn't require the #!/usr/bin/env ruby)

or just my_file if it's in your PATH

I think only the ./my_file or my_file requires the execute permission, the others need the read permission only (try to be sure).

You can even pipe things into STDIN using echo test |my_file and putting this in my_file :

while line = $stdin.gets do
  print line

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