I've been trying to add Crashlytics to an app I'm developing on Android Studio 1.1.0 with no luck. I've added the Fabric plugin to Android Studio and when adding my app, the Crashlytics library is not recognized.

Here is the code added by Fabric:

import com.crashlytics.android.Crashlytics; // Error here
import io.fabric.sdk.android.Fabric; // Error here

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    Fabric.with(this, new Crashlytics()); // Error here

And here are the errors:

Error:(12, 31) error: package com.crashlytics.android does not exist
Error:(16, 29) error: package io.fabric.sdk.android does not exist
Error:(67, 31) error: cannot find symbol class Crashlytics
Error:(67, 9) error: cannot find symbol variable Fabric

Can a kind soul figur out why this doesn't just work, like it does on Eclipse?


You should have these lines in your build.gradle file:

dependencies {
   // ...
   compile('com.crashlytics.sdk.android:crashlytics:2.2.3@aar') {
        transitive = true;

and this

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://maven.fabric.io/public' }

    dependencies {
       // ...
       classpath 'io.fabric.tools:gradle:1.14.3'
  • Thanks. I was wondering why the install process in Android Studio is så relativly painfull compared to Eclipse, when everything else is much better? – Ambran Apr 7 '15 at 11:21
  • I have all that but it still doesnt resolve. Most of the time, i have to delete the project and all files and restart the whole process again until everything works as it should. – Alex Kombo Jul 8 '15 at 18:04
  • 1
    I'm still getting error Failed to resolve: com.crashlytics.sdk.android:crashlytics:2.2.3. Any suggestion ? – SweetWisher ツ Aug 14 '15 at 8:42
  • SweetWisher, Are you sure, you have added correct maven repository? – ViliusK Feb 17 '16 at 12:20

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