I have a mysql table like this

create table students(id varchar(20),
name varchar(20),
address varchar(255)
primary key(id));

I want to display data for each student using his unique id in jsp.I have tried like this

ArrayList<Object> student = new ArrayList<Object>();

      try {
           DB_Conn con = new DB_Conn();
           Connection c = con.getConnection();
           Statement statement = c.createStatement() ;
           ResultSet resultset = statement.executeQuery("select * from students");
        } catch (SQLException e){
        return student;

Now i want to display name and address of each student using their unique id. How to diplay like that . How can i retrieve specific variable data from arraylist.

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    Instead of directly inserting different values into arraylist, create object of student and object in Arraylist and then retrive object of student. – Pratik Apr 6 '15 at 7:00

There are multiple way to do this-most common is

use two different Arraylist to store the name & address of student

ArrayList<Object> nameList= new ArrayList<Object>();
ArrayList<Object> addressList= new ArrayList<Object>();

and use-


at particuler value int of i nameList.get(i) & addressList.get(i) will give you result of specific student.

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Try Making Student Class having id,name,address as it's attribute , then instead of adding attributes in ArrayList, you should add the Student Object

ArrayList<Student> studentList=new ArrayList<Student>();
String id=resultset.getString(1);
String name=resultset.getString(2);
String address=resultset.getString(3);
Student st=new Student(id,name.address);

To display the Same in JSP , you can use

<c:forEach var="i" items="${studentList}>
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