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I found some solutions to get max value of indexes, but how can I get the max value when I have array like this:

myArray = [];
myArray[1] = 10;
myArray[2] = 99;


I would like to get index of max value. In this case it would be index 2 of value 99.

The result I get now is NaN.alert(Math.max(myArray));

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1. If you only want the first instance:

var arrayMaxIndex = function(array) {
  return array.indexOf(Math.max.apply(null, array));

console.log(arrayMaxIndex([1,2,7,2])); //outputs 2

2. If you want all occurrences of the max:

function getAllIndexes(arr, val) {
    var indexes = [], i = -1;
    while ((i = arr.indexOf(val, i+1)) != -1){
    return indexes;

var arrayAllMaxIndexes = function(array){
    return getAllIndexes(array, Math.max.apply(null, array));

console.log(arrayAllMaxIndexes([1,2,7,2,7])); // outputs [2,4]
  • A slight variation is return array.indexOf(Math.max.apply({}, array)); – George Jempty Apr 7 '15 at 14:10

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