I have a model of a club where I want to model the two entities Meeting and Member.

There are actually two many-to-many relationships between these entities though, as for any meeting a Member can either be a Speaker or a Guest. Now I am an OO thinker, so would normally just create the two classes and each one would just have two arrays of the other inside, but rails is making me think a bit more data centric here, so I realise I need to break these M2M relationships up with join tables Speakers and Guests which I have done, but now I am having trouble describing the relationships in the models.

The two join table models both have "belongs_to :meeting" and "belongs_to :member" and I think that should be sufficient.

I am not however sure about the Meeting and Member models though.

Each one has "has_many :guests" and "has_many: speakers" but I am not sure if I also want to go: has_many :members, :through => :guests has_many :members, :through => :speakers

But I suspect that this is like declaring two "members" that will clash.

I also thought about: has_many :guests, :through => :guests has_many :speakers, :through => :speakers

Does that make sense? How would ActiveRecord know that they are in fact Members?

I have found heaps of examples of polymorphic m2m relationships and m2m relationships where 1 table references itself, but no good examples to help me mode this situation where two separate tables have two different m2m relationships.

Anyone got any tips?


You need to pick different association names and then specify the model:

class Meeting
  has_many :guests
  has_many :speakers
  has_many :guest_members, :through => :guests, :source => 'Member'
  has_many :speaker_members, :through => :speakers, :source => 'Member'
  • Thanks for your reply. I tried that, although :class_name is not supported with :through, using :source works. Now I just need to struggle with the forms, controllers, routers etc. I am not sure if I want to use a Member controller, or Guest and Speaker controllers. The form I have now looks for a Member controller so I will try that first... – Kurt Jun 1 '10 at 19:20
  • 1
    Oh, right, sorry. I'll edit the answer for future readers. For what it's worth, I would probably design this like has_many :members, :through => :registrations and has_many :speakers, :through => :speaker_registrations, :source => 'Member' – mckeed Jun 2 '10 at 15:19

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