I would like to disable the popup when adding a product to the cart with ajax, i like to have the code responsible for showing the popup, i searched in ajax-cart.js, but i didn't found anything relative to the popup, may be i'm wrong. PS: i would not like to disable the ajax add to cart functionality. Thanks

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Rather than commenting the entire function as suggested by @Bommerlunder,

I would suggest to keep that function and all the code inside it & just write return true

updateLayer : function(product){
    return true;


In ajax-cart.js around line 728 comment out updateLayer : function(product){....}, Products will still be added to the cart with ajax, but no pop-up will be shown.


For Prestashop 1.7

Basically, if you disable Ajax Cart feature, the popup won't show again.

In case you want to keep Ajax Cart feature and disable the Popup, please open your-website/modules/ps_shoppingcart/ps_shoppingcart.js, find :


Change this to:


This change will help you to disable the popup.

Here I wrote an article here to help you How to Disable Prestashop Add to Cart Popup without disable Ajax Cart.

This trick also show you how to redirects the customers to Cart Summary page after clicking Add to Cart button.

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