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is there an HTML non-php way of calling to a file? For example, I am working on a large site that I don't want to have to edit each page when I want to edit the menu, footer, etc. Sort of like how wordpress uses php to include the header/menu data, I'd like to have one file to edit, but without using php. I don't know how possible this is. I am developing the site with HTML5/Bootstrap/JS and would like to avoid php if possible!

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One method you can use is the .shtml file extension.

It also has SSI capabilities and is server-side, not client-side, therefore it runs off the server.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Basic syntax to include files is:

<!--#include virtual="/footer.html" -->
<!--#include file="footer.html" -->
<!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/counter.pl" -->

You can also include other files inside included files.

For example, say you have a header file <!--#include virtual="/header.shtml" --> and you want to include a navigation bar, you just do

header.shtml would contain <!--#include virtual="/nav.shtml" -->

all inside the same file, say you call it index.shtml

index.shtml would contain this structure

<!doctype html>
    <!--#include virtual="/js_files.shtml" -->
    <!--#include virtual="/metatags.shtml" -->
    <!--#include virtual="/title.shtml" -->

    <!--#include virtual="/header.shtml" -->
    <div>Hello world!</div>
    <!--#include virtual="/footer.shtml" -->


and inside <!--#include virtual="/header.shtml" -->

you could have this tag included in there <!--#include virtual="/nav.shtml" -->


<a href="index.shtml">Home</a> - 
<a href="about.shtml">About</a> - 
<a href="contact.shtml">Info</a>
  • By using the same or similar structure for all your files, any change you make to one (include) file, will be affected globally throughout the site.

  • This is a method I use myself for certain websites where PHP isn't a requirement and have used for many years and works quite well, including Bootstrap-based.



If your are already using java script lets just use JQuery

Using jQuery:


    <script src="jquery.js"></script> 

     <div id="header"></div>
     <div id="footer"></div>


<p><b> This is my header file </b></p>


<p><b> This is my footer file!</b></p>

You can use an iframe to include one HTML page inside another page.

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