I have an application that uses emails to create records.

The user sends an email to a certain address (ex: create@example.com) and Mailgun gets the mail, parses it and sends a POST request to a certain script in my app (POST: example.com/create).

I want to give information about errors/success replying that mail from PHP, for example, in case of an error the user gets a reply with details.

Maybe the scope of this question is more basic, like simply add "RE: " to the subject and send a new mail. =D

So, I have:

$mail_data = Input::all(); // All received mail information
$email_text = 'Your attachment is too big, the limit is set at 20MB';

Mail::send('emails.mail-creation.error', compact('email_text'), function($message) use ($mail_data) {
        ->to($mail_data->email, $mail_data->full_name)
        ->from('create@example.com', 'God')
        ->subject("RE: {$mail_data['subject']}");

I'm not able to test this code in the production server (long story) so I didn't try it.

  • What's your question exactly? – haakym Apr 9 '15 at 8:27
  • How to reply to a mail with PHP, received vía Mailgun – Axel A. García Apr 9 '15 at 19:40

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