Anyone have an idea about how to use sp_helptext to view a stored procedure on a linked server? basically something like this. I don't have the credentials to that linked server to look at it.

EXEC sp_HelpText '[ServerName].[DatabaseName].dbo.storedProcName'

thanks ahead.

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Instead of invoking the sp_helptext locally with a remote argument, invoke it remotely with a local argument:

EXEC  [ServerName].[DatabaseName].dbo.sp_HelpText 'storedProcName'

sp_helptext [dbname.spname] try this

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Little addition in answer if you have different user rather then dbo then do like this.

EXEC  [ServerName].[DatabaseName].dbo.sp_HelpText '[user].[storedProcName]'

It's the correct way to access linked DB:

EXEC  [ServerName].[DatabaseName].dbo.sp_HelpText 'storedProcName'

But make sure to mention dbo as it owns the sp_helptext.

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