Is there a pretty printing function in Clojure that would output data-structures like lists and structs in a human-readable way?


clojure-contrib now has a pprint function.

The API documentation is at http://richhickey.github.com/clojure-contrib/pprint-api.html

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    now deprecated, check other answers – Peter Nov 19 '14 at 12:45

As Chouser has mentioned, in 1.3 pprint is moved into clojure itself.


You can (:require clojure.pprint) and start using it.


A pretty printer for Clojure is available here.


There was a post on the Clojure mailing list yesterday, where a few people posted some trial implementations of a pretty-printer. But as mipadi said, it's not finalized yet.


Not yet, but the feature has been discussed and is (presumably) under development by a couple people close to Clojure.


As the others have said, planned but incomplete. When clojure.contrib.pprint is moved into clojure itself, an update will be posted to its ticket.

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