How can make my vim window split a different color?

What I have: have

What I want: want

On my MAC this wasn't a problem, but for some reason on linux the split bar is completely invisible.



You can edit your current colorscheme to have whatever colors you want. A few tips:

  • Find what colorscheme you are using by looking in your ~/.vimrc or via :colorschme
  • Horizontal split are separated by StatusLine highlight group and Vertical by VertSplit. See :h highlight-groups.
  • May want to take a look at 'fillchars' option. See :h 'fillchars'.
  • There is a good Vimcast episode about this: Creating colorschemes for Vim
  • Go find a few colorscheme files to use as examples
  • Use a tool like Vivify to create your custom colorscheme
  • thanks a ton! It was totally just a colorscheme issue. – vitiral Apr 9 '15 at 21:35

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