I've been trying to look at the properties of Slider in WPF to imitate the Slider Zoom of Powerpoint, but i can't find a way to imitate it.

In Powerpoint, the Min Value = 10 and Max Value = 400. But the center value is equal to 100.

In Slider in WPF, if Min Value = 10 and Max Value = 400. The center value is not 100. it is evenly distributed. Not like in Powerpoint.

You have any idea on how to imitate the powerpoint zoom slider?


I guess this topic is what you're looking for.
Put your slider like this:

<Slider Name="mySlider" Minimum="0.1" Maximum="2" Value="1" LargeChange="0.1" SmallChange="0.01" TickPlacement="Both" Ticks="0,0.5,1,1.5,2"/>

and e.g. square the mySlider.Value to get the desired zoom factor.

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