I'm using grunt-injector in a new projets. It set up to add all bower dependency to the index.html file.

I have ionic in my dependencies, and I use it only for the javascript file and not the css. So I would like that grunt-injector don't add the ionic css file in my project.

here's my configuration:

injector: {
  options: {
    addRootSlash: false,
    ignorePath: 'app/',
    bowerPrefix: 'bower',
  bowerDependencies: {
    files: {
     'app/index.html': ['bower.json'],

I could do it by modifying ionic/bower.json:

"main": [

But of course, I would prefer not to do that


Might help, but I found out gulp-injector is just compiling all CSS files between <!-- bower:css --> ... <!-- endbower -->

An other task is in charge of reading my bower file and edit index.html, it is wiredep plugin.

So if like me you used an already prepared scaffolding, look for this task (here gulp) :

gulp.task('wiredep', function() {
    log('Wiring the bower dependencies into the html');

    var wiredep = require('wiredep').stream;
    var index = paths.client + 'index.html';

    return gulp.src(index)
            directory: './bower_components/',
            bowerJson: require('./bower.json'),
            exclude: ['bower_components/foundation/css/foundation.css',
            ignorePath: '../..' // bower files will be relative to the root

By defining excluse, your will force it to ignore such files, without editing your packages in bower :D

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