OK I've read several answers here but they didn't help me at all (in fact, none of them is being accepted as answer)

Question is how to "Play a beep sound" on "button click"

I am trying to make a website that works on touchscreen device so I want every button click events will play a beep sound, that should be nicer for users who using the website. Beep sound file is here: http://www.soundjay.com/button/beep-07.wav . I only need this work on Google Chrome (supports HTML5)

I understand this need to work on client-side so I tried this:


    function PlaySound(soundObj) {
        var sound = document.getElementById(soundObj);


<embed src="/beep.wav" autostart="false" type="audio/mpeg" loop="false" width="0" height="0" id="beep" enablejavascript="true" />
<asp:LinkButton ID="lbtnExit" runat="server" OnClick="lbtnExit_Click" OnClientClick="PlaySound('beep')" CssClass="btn btn-lg btn-danger" Text="Exit <i class='fa fa-sign-out' style='font-size: 40px'></i>"></asp:LinkButton>

But it doesn't work, nothing happens when I click the button.


You could use an audio tag like this:

    <audio id="audio" src="http://www.soundjay.com/button/beep-07.wav" autoplay="false" ></audio>
    <a onclick="playSound();"> Play</a>
    function playSound() {
          var sound = document.getElementById("audio");

Here is a Plunker

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  • Thank you. For Internet Explorer 10 use .mp3 instead of .wav – Immran Mohammed Jan 23 '18 at 10:51
  • 1
    According to the documentation autostart is not an audio attribute. Instead it should be autoplay. – csr-nontol May 5 '18 at 5:48

Admitting you already have something like <div id='btn'>Click to play!</div> in your html, you could do it as simple as:

$('#btn').click( () => new Audio('mp3/audio.mp3').play() );

This is the best IMO because it allow riffle clicking on the button (which is not possible in other answers at the time) and is a one liner.


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This works fine

function playSound () {
<audio id="play" src="http://www.soundjay.com/button/beep-07.wav"></audio>

<button onclick="playSound()">Play</button>

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With raw JavaScript, you can simply call:

new Audio('sound.wav').play()
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Technically, the following doesn't answer the question about "playing" a beep, but if asking how to "generate" a beep, then consider the following code that I found on this website:

a=new AudioContext()
function beep(vol, freq, duration){

Sample values for the call: beep(20, 100, 30). The aforementioned website includes more details and sound samples.

The sound can be in response to a button click or programmatically generated at will. I have used it in Chrome but have not tried it in other browsers.

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Been driving me crazy, but with JQuery I found a solution... not really the best way to do it, but it worked properly for me...

function ding() {
      $("body").append('<embed src="/ding.mp3" autostart=false autoplay=false type="audio/mpeg" loop="false" width="0" height="0" id="beep" enablejavascript="true" />');
      setTimeout(function(){ $("#beep").remove(); },2000);

not sure how much of the embed tag is really required, but once it started working, I stopped writing (embed copied from another solution).

Hope this helps someone else (or helps me the next time I forget)

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    Urgh, this is clumsy. Why not using function ding() { new Audio('/ding.mp3').play(); } ? – 538ROMEO Nov 27 '19 at 15:25

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