I have to extract the text between </con> and <con in Notepad++ (i.e. delete the text except the one between these 2 words).

My example data is like this:

<sentence>The <cons lex="CD4_coreceptor" sem="G#protein_molecule">CD4 coreceptor</cons> interacts with <cons lex="non-polymorphic_region" sem="G#protein_domain_or_region">non-polymorphic regions</cons> of <cons lex="major_histocompatibility_complex_class_II_molecule" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">major histocompatibility complex class II molecules</cons> on <cons lex="antigen-presenting_cell" sem="G#cell_type">antigen-presenting cells</cons> and contributes to <cons lex="T_cell_activation" sem="G#other_name">T cell activation</cons>.</sentence>
<sentence>We have investigated the effect of <cons lex="CD4_triggering" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="CD4" sem="G#protein_molecule">CD4</cons> triggering</cons> on <cons lex="T_cell_activating_signal" sem="G#other_name">T cell activating signals</cons> in a <cons lex="lymphoma_model" sem="G#other_name">lymphoma model</cons> using <cons lex="monoclonal_antibody" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">monoclonal antibodies</cons> (<cons lex="mAb" sem="G#protein_domain_or_region">mAb</cons>) which recognize different <cons lex="CD4_epitope" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">CD4 epitopes</cons>.</sentence>
<sentence>We demonstrate that <cons lex="CD4_triggering" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="CD4" sem="G#protein_molecule">CD4</cons> triggering</cons> delivers signals capable of activating the <cons lex="NF-AT_transcription_factor" sem="G#protein_molecule">NF-AT transcription factor</cons> which is required for <cons lex="interleukin-2_gene_expression" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="interleukin-2" sem="G#protein_molecule">interleukin-2</cons> gene expression</cons>.</sentence>
<sentence>Whereas different <cons lex="anti-CD4_mAb" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">anti-CD4 mAb</cons> or <cons lex="HIV-1_gp120" sem="G#protein_molecule"><cons lex="HIV-1" sem="G#virus">HIV-1</cons> gp120</cons> could all trigger activation of the <cons lex="protein_tyrosine_kinase" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">protein tyrosine kinases</cons> <cons lex="p56lck" sem="G#protein_molecule">p56lck</cons> and <cons lex="p59fyn" sem="G#protein_molecule">p59fyn</cons> and phosphorylation of the <cons lex="Shc_adaptor_protein" sem="G#protein_molecule">Shc adaptor protein</cons>, which mediates signals to <cons lex="Ras" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">Ras</cons>, they differed significantly in their ability to activate <cons lex="NF-AT" sem="G#protein_molecule">NF-AT</cons>.</sentence>
<sentence>Lack of full activation of <cons lex="NF-AT" sem="G#protein_molecule">NF-AT</cons> could be correlated to a dramatically reduced capacity to induce <cons lex="calcium_flux" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="calcium" sem="G#atom">calcium</cons> flux</cons> and could be complemented with a <cons lex="calcium_ionophore" sem="G#other_organic_compound">calcium ionophore</cons>.</sentence>
<sentence>The results identify functionally distinct <cons lex="epitope" sem="G#protein_family_or_group">epitopes</cons> on the <cons lex="CD4_coreceptor" sem="G#protein_molecule">CD4 coreceptor</cons> involved in activation of the <cons lex="Ras/protein_kinase_C_and_calcium_pathway" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="Ras/protein_kinase_C" sem="G#protein_molecule"><cons lex="Ras/protein_kinase_C_pathway" sem="G#other_name"><cons lex="Ras" sem="G#protein_molecule">Ras</cons><cons lex="protein_kinase_C" sem="G#protein_molecule">/protein kinase C</cons></cons></cons> and <cons lex="calcium_pathway" sem="G#other_name">calcium pathways</cons></cons>.</sentence>

My desired out put is:

interacts with 
and contributes to
which recognize different 
delivers signals capable of activating the
which is required for 
could all trigger activation of the 

I tried the regex .*<\/cons>(.*?)<cons.* and replace with $1 but that only gives me the data in the last occurrence of the </con> and <con of each <sentence> while my sentences contains more than one occurrence of these tags.

Anyone who can help me??

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    Note that example has nested <cons> tags (e.g. <cons lex="CD4_triggering" sem="G#other_name"> <cons lex="CD4" sem="G#protein_molecule">CD4</cons> triggering</cons>). Regular expression might not be the best way to extract data. I would rather suggest a XML parser in a Python or Perl script. – Jean-Francois T. Aug 9 '16 at 3:46

Use this .*Word1(.*?)Word2.* expression also don't forget to add escape character / if you are dealing with any symbols.

  • / doesn't need to be escaped in Npp regex. – Toto Jan 21 '17 at 13:05
  • I was searching for Failed for [] = [ABC] when I used .*Failed for \[(.*?)\] = \[ABC\].* then it worked but was failing when I used .*Failed for [(.*?)] = [ABC].* So I had to escape [ and ] in order to work – SME Jan 23 '17 at 4:26

Make a search and replace using regular expressions.

Change search mode to "Regular expression" and replace <[^>]*> with nothing.


Change search mode to "Regular expression" and replace .*<\/cons>(.*?)<cons.* with $1.

  • I write <[^>]> in find what text box and keep the replace text box empty by keeping regular expression but it did not worked – Shaheen Gul Apr 11 '15 at 8:50
  • Sorry, I forgot a * – Jimmy T. Apr 11 '15 at 8:51
  • where to place this?? – Shaheen Gul Apr 11 '15 at 8:54
  • I've changed my answer. – Jimmy T. Apr 11 '15 at 8:54
  • oh i get this change – Shaheen Gul Apr 11 '15 at 8:54

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