Is there a simple way to use a Swift library in ObjC? And if yes, how can I do it ?

Here the library I would like to use: https://github.com/matthewpalmer/Regift

By the way, if you guys know another way to convert video to animated gif in iOS. Thanks!


You should take a look of Apple's document.


Referring to it,

To import Swift code into Objective-C from the same target

Import the Swift code from that target into any Objective-C .m file within that target using this syntax and substituting the appropriate name: OBJECTIVE-C

import "ProductModuleName-Swift.h" The Swift files in your target will be visible in Objective-C .m files containing this import

statement. For information on using Swift from Objective-C code, see Using Swift from Objective-C.


Objective-C consumer -> Swift static library

Xcode version 10.2.1

Create a Swift static library or Create Swift static library Target

Create a library project

File -> New -> Project... -> Cocoa Touch Static Library -> Enter necessary information and choose Language -> Swift

Prepare the Objective-C library to work with Swift Exposed class should be extended from NSObject (add import Foundation) and exposed method should has @objc annotation

Build library and find generated output (be sure that you build library for the same process architecture as the client code). By default it will be located in subfolder of DerivedData folder.(It can be changed if you delete DerivedData during development process and rebuild it again)

Products group -> lib<module_name>.a -> Show in Finder

The directory includes

  • lib<module_name>.a – built static library
  • include folder that includes module_name folder that includes .h files - public interface/definitions and module_name.modulemap file

Using Swift static library

Link Binary With Libraries

Project editor -> select a target -> Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries -> add -> Add Others... -> point to `lib<module_name>.a` file

Add Library Search paths

Project editor -> select a target -> Build Settings -> Search Paths -> Library Search paths -> add path to the parent of `lib<module_name>.a` file

Add Header Search Paths

Project editor -> select a target -> Build Settings -> Search Paths -> Header Search Paths -> add path to the parent of `.swiftmodule` folder

Add empty .swift file to the Objective-C project. When Xcode ask press Create Bridging Header(it will create module_name-Bridging-Header.h) and setup a path to this file in Project editor -> select a target -> Build Settings -> Swift Compiler - General -> Objective-C Bridging Header

  • When you set a path you can define a path to one of parent folder and set recursive(/** will be added to the end of the path). For example you can defile a path to Build directory with recursive parameter.
  • If the patch contains spaces - , you should escape them using \ or enclose the path in double quotes ""

Import module to the Objective-C client code

#import "module_name-Swift.h"

Objective-C consumer -> Objective-C static library

Swift consumer -> Swift static library

Swift consumer -> Objective-C static library

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