so Im building a brand new ExtJS 5 application using Sencha CMD with the command sencha generate app MYAPP ../MYAPP

It automatically renders to the body tag, but I would rather render it to a div with the id "#myDiv". I looked for the renderto attribute on several files (views, models, app configuration files, etc) with no luck.

So is there a way to override this behavior? Thanks!


When you build an application with Sencha command, the main container will be a ViewPort and by default every ViewPort is rendered to document.body.

You could remove the autoCreateViewport config, and add a launch object where you would create your panel, example:

    name: 'MyApp',

    extend: 'MyApp.Application',

    //autoCreateViewport: 'MyApp.view.main.Main'
    launch: function() {
            renderTo: yourDivHere

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