The page in question is http://dev.gapsummit.com/?page_id=2

With no Bootstrap plugin enabled, you can see the menu items like so Screenshot of working menu bar

With either of these BootStrap plugins enabled, the menu bar is hidden.

The menu items are still present in the source file, they are just hidden. If anyone can help me unhide them (point out what css is hiding the element), I would be most grateful!


It is the class .dropdown-menu that bootstrap is picking up. Over-ride the rules for the menu with !important in your own css and your menu will appear.

  display:block !important;
   //other style rules with !important
  • Thanks for that :) I added it in and can now see the menu, but it still doesn't show up in one horizontal line. dev.gapsummit.com/?page_id=2 – Croydon Dias Apr 12 '15 at 1:55
  • you need to override the other style rules check what bootstrap has applied to the element in your dev tools. P.S if its only supposed to become a drop down on a small screen size (responive) then either use a media query to adjust your style rules based on screen size or remove the dropdown menu class and apply it with js on resize – kurt Apr 12 '15 at 1:58

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