I've been successful in deploying Laravel 4 applications on shared hosts by simply editing the paths here at /bootstrap/paths.php.

However, Laravel 5 does not have that file. How does Laravel 5 manage paths? I have access to the root directory with public_html. I can upload all the files to root and public directories, but confused where to look for the paths to be maintained?


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Laravel 5 is smart enough to detect all it's path. I was missing some of the files during upload. :)

What I did was upload all the files as it is structured and the content of public folder was uploaded into the www directory, that's it!


You can play with creating new Application() in bootstrap/app.php. Its constructor takes argument which tells where is rest of the application related to public/index.php

Currently app.php has

$app = new Illuminate\Foundation\Application(

Change the /../ to something else if rest of the application folders for example in ../laravel/ compared to index.html

  • can you please elaborate? I didn't get it. Apr 12, 2015 at 9:55

If you have cPanel in your shared hosting you can try these easier methods before trying to move the Laravel's public folder:

  1. Often you also have an SSH access when you have cPanel on shared hostings, so you can replace the www folder (i.e. the website document root) with a symbolic link to [app]/public, then deploy your Laravel app inside the [app] folder.
  2. If you are deploying on a subdomain, e.g. [app].example.com, usually with cPanel you can choose the document root, then you can simply set it to [app]/public.

I think the two methods above are both easier and safer than moving the public folder. I would keep this as the last option.

Take a look here for some more info: http://blog.netgloo.com/2016/01/29/deploy-laravel-application-on-shared-hosting/

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