I've used this SO answer as a recipie to build Qt GUI applications for Windows on Linux. It works perfectly. But my resulting "Hello World" binary is 12MB big - only for a button in a window - and this is too much.

So I thought I could modify the src/qt.mk file and adjust the configure options to remove as many unneeded options as possible.

But now I need to recompile Qt inside MXE and I don't know how. When I run make in the base directory it begins to download all source packages. But I've already downloaded this stuff.

So how to only recompile the qt part so that my changes will take effect?

  • You could try deleting usr/<target>/qt and usr/<target>/qt5, then running make qt again. – tux3 Apr 12 '15 at 17:23
touch src/<packagename>.mk
make <packagename>

Hope that helps.


In the base directory of mxe simply open the file settings.mk and uncomment the last three lines:

LOCAL_PKG_LIST := <packages-to-recompile-here>
.DEFAULT local-pkg-list:
local-pkg-list: $(LOCAL_PKG_LIST)

If you place at <packages-to-recompile-here> your packages which should be recompiled and then run make in the base directory of mxe it works perfectly.


Simply running make $packagename will rebuild $packagename in your mxe checkout if something was changed on src/$packagename.mk

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