I have currently the upload portion of my code working, how would I go about converting this into a program that will download the respective files from the box folder?

This is the upload program:

import requests
import json

#the user acces token
access_token =  'UfUNeHhv4gIxFCn5WEXHgBJwfG8gHT2o'
#the name of the file as you want it to appear in box
dst_filename = 'box_file'
#the actual file path
src_directory = 'C:\Python\cache\\'
#the name of the file to be transferred
src_filename = 'Wildlife.wmv'
#the id of the folder you want to upload to
parent_id = '0'
counter = 1

for counter in range(1, 6):
  src_file = (src_directory + src_filename + '-' + str(counter))
  box_filename = (dst_filename + '-' + str(counter))
  headers = { 'Authorization': 'Bearer {0}'.format(access_token)}
  url = 'https://upload.box.com/api/2.0/files/content'
  #open(src_file,'rb') - opens the source file with the buffered reader
  files = { 'filename': (box_filename, open(src_file,'rb')) }
  data = { "parent_id": parent_id }
  response = requests.post(url, data=data, files=files, headers=headers)
  #file_info = response.json()
  print(url, data, files, headers)
  counter = counter + 1

This is the sample curl request that the Box API documentation gives for downloading files.

curl -L https://api.box.com/2.0/files/FILE_ID/content \
-H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-o FILE_PATH/file_name.txt

Part two of this question: Is there a way to alter this program (and the download program) to process all of the files within a folder no matter what the name of the file is?

I am new to programming, so please forgive my lack of skills/knowledge in this area.

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    Another question, how do I get the "FILE_ID" for each file in a folder in my box account?
    – Steve-O
    Apr 12, 2015 at 20:34

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Assume you are getting your authorization correct you can download file by adding few lines to code to your Existing code. This will copy data from box file to local file here name is FileFromBox.xlx

with open('FileFromBox.xls', 'wb') as open_file:
  • thank you. FileFromBox.xls is really the local name of the file (destination). The actual remote name might be available from the attachment name (content-disposition) field in the response headers? A good practice is also to first download to a temporary name, and move/rename to the final location once the download is completed successfully. You might want to look at downloading with requests if you don't want to use the Box client (since the uploader doesn't).
    – init_js
    Mar 16, 2018 at 8:25
  • For those wanting to read the documentation on download_to it can be found here: box-python-sdk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/… Apr 6, 2018 at 12:48
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    You can remove the "open_file.close()". The "with" statement in Python (context manager) actually closes the file for you (even if an exception occurs in the with block). Jun 7, 2018 at 13:33
  • @Rohit , In documentation they have given Parameters: writeable_stream (file) how do I define that parameter , as I am getting error Nonetype object has no attribute readline Jun 12, 2018 at 9:48
  • @PiyushS.Wanare Open any file like test.xls and then you can copy the content from Box file to this test.xls . In above code u can see this parameter is created with name FileFromBox.xls and content of box file is written to this file using download_to. Hope it helps you
    – Rohit
    Jun 14, 2018 at 4:37

I know this was asked long back, but still I believe many people are searching for the way to do it.

Please check Box SDK for more details.

And I'm using OAuth2.0 - Custom App. You can create the credentials from the developer console.

Here's the code.

from boxsdk import OAuth2, Client
#from boxsdk import Folder

auth = OAuth2(
client = Client(auth)

root_folder = client.root_folder().get()

items = root_folder.get_items()
for item in items:
    print('{0} {1} is named "{2}"'.format(item.type.capitalize(), item.id, item.name))
    with open(item.name, 'wb') as open_file:

Hope this will help you. Thanks to the Python boxsdk 2.0.0 Doc.

  • How do you get the values for those three variables? client id, client secret, access token? Do I ask the authentication provider administrator or is this within Box itself?
    – MacGyver
    Jul 19, 2021 at 11:41
  • Hi Mac, Sorry for the delay. You can go ahead and get it through the developer console, if you're using the org account probably should get access to your developer console. (app.box.com/developers/console) Jul 22, 2021 at 17:28

I would suggest you looking at Box SDK

As you can see in their docs, after authenticating with your client you only need to run the following line:


There is more information in Box SDK Docs. If this does not satisfy your necessities because you want to create your own Box SDK, then please wait for another person to give an specific response to your problem. Thanks.

  • I am trying to work with the SDK, but there are some issues with the authentication that I do not understand. I will create another post.
    – Steve-O
    Apr 12, 2015 at 21:29
  • What if you have a file url? not the id Oct 17, 2018 at 14:18

You can download a file & folders into a zip like below:

name = 'test'
file = mock_client.file('466239504569')
folder = mock_client.folder('466239504580')
items = [file, folder]
output_file = open('test.zip', 'wb')
status = client.download_zip(name, items, output_file)
print('The status of the zip download is {0}'.format(status['state']))

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