I have a problem with a CDI Event fired from an EJB Timer.

Point is, that the save event can be fired via manual user action (e.g. fired from a CDI SessionScoped bean method). In this case, all registered observers should catch it. But if the the CDI Event fired from the Timer is caught by a SessionScoped bean (which is anyway not required), an exception is thrown that no active Context could be found.

So... how can I tell the CDI eventing mechanism that only ApplicationScoped beans should catch the event, in case it was fired by the EJB Timer ?

I found the solution.

@Observes contains the parameter "notifyObserver". If you set this to Reception.IF_EXISTS, CDI won't create a SessionScoped bean outside an HTTP Request if there is none.

So the EJB Timer fired event won't be catched by a SessionScoped bean (because it does not exist) and the manually triggered one will be catched as there is an existing instance of the SessionScoped bean.

Use qualifiers as described in this stackoverflow post: Select certain CDI event observer

(not sure it realy is a duplicate, but I think it is)

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