I use a SuppressionFilter in my checkstyle-configuration. The path to the file suppression.xml is given relative to the checkstyle-configuration, using ${samedir} (http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/#!/properties). Reason: I configured eclipse to use a remote checkstyle-configuration:

<module name="SuppressionFilter">
  <property name="file" value="${samedir}suppress.xml"/>

The same checkstyle-configuration is used by my Gradle build-script. Unfortunately, the checkstyle-plugin for gradle seems to be unable to resolve the variable ${samedir}.

Is there a way to anyway use the same config-file for Eclipse and Gradle? I really don't want to maintain two files or use an absolute path in the Checkstyle-configuration.

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You can manually set the "samedir" variable in your Gradle build script using configProperties.

checkstyle {
    configFile = file("${rootDir}/build_dependencies/my_checks.xml")
    configProperties = [samedir: "${rootDir}/build_dependencies"]

Source: adapted from Maven version

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