There is a mention in the 'Spring-Cloud-Config-Server' documentation that says,

To use these features in an application, just build it as a Spring Boot application

Does this mean that my client app also needs to be a Spring Booot application ? Can't i have a Non-Java application accesing the properties in the Config Server via RESTService calls ? If the data is receieved in JSON format, I could always have a JSON parser in my non-java application to parse and use the data.


The standard uri's are /{name}/{profiles} and /{name}/{profiles}/{label}. These return a json format optimized for the spring cloud config client.

{name} is the application name. {profiles} is a comma separated list of profiles. {label} is the branch name when using git or svn.

The following return the data in other formats optimized for those formats:

  • /{name}-{profiles}.properties
  • /{label}/{name}-{profiles}.properties
  • {name}-{profiles}.json
  • /{label}/{name}-{profiles}.json
  • /{name}-{profiles}.yml
  • /{name}-{profiles}.yaml
  • /{label}/{name}-{profiles}.yml
  • /{label}/{name}-{profiles}.yaml
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    I'm sure there is also a way for normal spring (non boot) applications to use the spring cloud config client - but unfortunate this is not documented at all :( – domi Oct 6 '15 at 14:30

Other language clients can use it like a rest resource. The client can construct the url based on application, environment and key and make a request to cloud config server.


I will still recommend, to have some java library (spring cloud client) in between. Though you can manually parse JSON response but you will have to make sure, you get key/value from first occurrence. Also, you will have to write own logic to replace values from config-server, if overridden by your own cmd line or properties file.

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