This seems like a standard thing to want to do, but I'm struggling to find a clear and simple solution.

I want to be able to add one or more additional options to an already initialized Select2.

I am using an older version of Select2, not sure what the version is off hand though.


You can solve most questions involving Select2 in the same way that they would be solved in a standard <select>. In this case, the corresponding <select> question would be: Adding options to select with javascript.

var option = new Option("text", "id");

If you want it to be selected when it is inserted, you can just set the selected property on the new option.

var option = new Option("text", "id");
option.selected = true;


Note that I also triggered the change event so that Select2 can know that the selected options have changed.

  • Kevin, i have raised a question for select2. it seems like you have a good experience in it and you can solve the issue. I tried multiple times but its not working. If possible could you please look at this one. stackoverflow.com/questions/35729864/…
    – Roxx
    Mar 1 '16 at 18:52
  • Thank you, exactly what I've needed! Jan 11 '19 at 11:44

God I should stop to think before posting sometimes.

Its as simple as just adding a new option to the underlying select:

$("#myselect").append($('<option>', {value: 1, text: 'new option'}));

Don't even need to re-initialize the select2.


I solved this problem with "Data" property of select2. Firstly, I got data with json and then I create my select2 element with my array as below.

corrCodeArray is my json array.

function fillSelectReportPeriod() {
var corrCodeArray = retrieveCorrCodes();
    maximumSelectionLength: 4,
    data: corrCodeArray


Note: When I give select2 element name like $("#selectReportPeriod") instead of $(".js-example-basic-multiple") it didn't work so I used class name.


This works for me:

$("#company_dealer").val('Newly Selected Dealer').trigger('change');

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