When using a third-party JavaScript library in my Dart project, I manually go through the library's documentation and iterate through its properties and methods to build the Dart code through a series of tedious context and callMethod calls. Has anyone figured out a way to automate this?

I tried to first find a command-line interface that introspects the JavaScript library so that I can auto-generate the Dart source code. I've been unsuccessful in my search.

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I've tried to make my implementation of .d.ts -> dart2js annotations converter.

This is possible way to automate the process.

Please, see https://github.com/denis-aes/DefinitelyTyped.dart


Introspecting JS lib can be really hard due to the dynamic face of the JS language.

In the Typescript world there are *.d.ts files used to provide types to existing libraries. As far as I can tell most of those files are manually writen.

For now such a tool isn't yet available.

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