so after browsing through many packages like TCPDF, FPDP, DOM2PDF and many other excellent php pdf packages, I couldn't find this feature in any packages where it allows to split the pdf file by page range. for example I want to split the pdf from page 20-100 or 30-50. or create a pdf from a pdf ranging from page 20-100. so is there any library that has this feature ?


PDFMerger has this functionality, and I personally enjoy its simplicity.

$pdf = new PDFMerger;
$pdf->merge(); // output PDF, you can specify additional parameters here
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    You should use a native version of FPDI because the linked PDFMerger class uses an outdated version from 2009! It's not that hard to build a simliar logic with only FPDI. – Jan Slabon Apr 13 '15 at 18:48
  • I simply changed the FPDI file it references to the latest version and managed to get it working. – Muhammad Abdul-Rahim Apr 13 '15 at 18:50

You can do this with the combination of FPDI and FPDF.

$new_pdf = new setasign\Fpdi\FPDI();
for($i = 20; $i <= 200; $i++){

$new_pdf->Output("output.pdf", "F");
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