I'm getting the error TypeError: Cannot read property '$setPristine' of undefined in the following code where I try to execute inputCtrl.inputForm.$setPristine();


    var inputForm = angular.module('input-form', [ ]);

    inputForm.directive('inputForm', function(){
        return {
            restrict: 'E',
            templateUrl: 'input-form.html',
            scope: {data: "="},
            controllerAs: 'inputCtrl',
            bindToController: true,
            controller: ['$log', '$scope', function($log, $scope){
              var inputCtrl = this;
              inputCtrl.inputValues = millennialsDefault;

              inputCtrl.emitData = function() {
                inputCtrl.data =  inputCtrl.inputValues.topic1Data;

                $log.debug("Emitting '" + 
                        inputCtrl.inputValues.topic1Name + "' to '" + 
                        inputCtrl.inputValues.topic2Name + "'");

              inputCtrl.swapInput = function(){
                  var swappedInputValues = {
                          topic1Name: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic2Name,
                          topic1Total: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic2Total,
                          topic1Data: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic2Data,
                          topic2Name: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic1Name,
                          topic2Total: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic1Total,
                          topic2Data: inputCtrl.inputValues.topic1Data,

                  inputCtrl.inputValues = swappedInputValues;

              inputCtrl.clearInput = function(){
                  inputCtrl.inputValues = 
                          topic1Name: "",
                          topic1Total: undefined,
                          topic1Data: "",
                          topic2Name: "",
                          topic2Total: undefined,
                          topic2Data: "",
                  inputCtrl.inputForm.$setPristine(); // TypeError: Cannot read property '$setPristine' of undefined

What am I doing wrong?


Apparently the solution is to change inputCtrl.inputForm.$setPristine(); to $scope.inputForm.$setPristine();.

Here are some references:

If you prefer to use this and avoid referencing $scope then this might be a solution: http://www.technofattie.com/2014/07/01/using-angular-forms-with-controller-as-syntax.html


check for any open function calls which is rendering the page before the form creation which may end-up in " $setPristine is undefined "

for example in your controller

    $scope.reset= function(form){

if there is something like this you can see that error , While loading itself it will engage the $setPristine();

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    while this can indeed occur, I don't think this really applies to the situation that was present in this question. Also, this question was posted and then answered a more than a year ago by the poster themselves, so it is unlikely that they are still looking for a viable answer. – Claies Jan 19 '17 at 13:05

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