I am using SE4 application of Zend framework. After executing query with Paginator, I am setting items per page like 10, 20, 50, all etc. using function setItemCountPerPage() of zend.

It is working fine for number provided or for zero value. But I have thousands of records and want to show all on single page without pagination.

I am using following code after query-

$this->view->paginator = Zend_Paginator::factory($select);
$this->view->paginator->setItemCountPerPage($perPage, 10);

Please let me know what value should I provide for $perPage, so all items fetched by query will get display on page.

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You can simply pass the size of your list (http://php.net/manual/de/function.sizeof.php), or deactivate the pagination. But if you have thousands of records, it would be a good idea to load them in sequence, not all at once :) Probably with ajax on scroll to bottom of page (Load ajax when scroll reaches 80%).

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