I am trying to build an shell script that will fetch the image url for a random XKCD comic, so that I can display it using Übersicht. Since you can only ask the XKCD API for the latest comic or a specific comic I need to:

  1. Send a GET request to http://xkcd.com/info.0.json, fetch the value of the num element.
  2. Send another request to http://xkcd.com/XXX/info.0.json where XXXis the value of num.

My current command looks like this and successfully returns the comic number:

curl -s 'http://xkcd.com/1510/info.0.json' | grep -Eo '"num": \d+' | grep -Eo '\d+'
  1. I haven't been able to figure out how to use capture groups with grep, so I need to grep the json twice. The common advice is to use -P, which is not supported in Mac OS X 10.10.
  2. I have no idea how to read the output of grep (as XXX) into the second curl -s 'http://xkcd.com/XXX/info.0.json' command.
  1. On OS X you can use the system Perl:

     curl -sS http://xkcd.com/info.0.json | /usr/bin/perl -pe 's/.*"num": ([0-9]+).*/\1/'
  2. You can save the output to a variable with command substitution:

    num=$(curl -sS http://xkcd.com/info.0.json | /usr/bin/perl -pe 's/.*"num": ([0-9]+).*/\1/')
    curl -sS "http://xkcd.com/${num}/info.0.json"

    or more concisely, two-in-one, albeit not very readable:

    curl -sS "http://xkcd.com/$(curl -sS http://xkcd.com/info.0.json | /usr/bin/perl -pe 's/.*"num": ([0-9]+).*/\1/')/info.0.json"

By the way, I highly recommend jq as the command line JSON processor. To extract num with jq, it's as simple as

curl -sS http://xkcd.com/info.0.json | jq '.num'

and although you didn't ask for it, here's a simple one-liner with jq that extracts the URI of the latest image:

curl -sS "http://xkcd.com/$(curl -sS http://xkcd.com/info.0.json | jq '.num')/info.0.json" | jq -r '.img'

Example output:

  • This works great in the Terminal, so I'm accepting it. Thanks, great work. Now I just need to get it working in Übersicht - I am getting an octal escape sequence error. – Samuel Lindblom Apr 24 '15 at 18:55
  • @SamuelLindblom I can't see any octal escape sequence in my commands though. And I don't use Übersicht — can you explain which step goes wrong in detail? (If you're not sure, you can break down the pipeline and test separately.) – 4ae1e1 Apr 24 '15 at 18:58

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