In Matlab, I have an unevenly spaced timeseries described by a vector y and a vector t, together describing the value at points in time. The timeseries seems to be periodic. How can I determine the autocorrelation of this timeseries?

xcorr does not seem to provide the possibility to handle an unevenly spaced timeseries, and to my surprise I could not find much about it on google. Alternatively, I figured I might convert y to a regular spaced series using interpolation techniques, but I could not find a clearcut approach to that either. I feel there should be straight forward way to do this, any suggestions?


AFAIK MATLAB does not have builtin functions for processing unevenly sampled data (although you might search more thoroughly the toolboxes or MATLAB central - see below).

Interpolation, despite the potential problems it can introduce when computing a spectral estimate, should be easy with

 xnew = linspace(min(x),max(x),N);
 ynew = interp1(x,y,xnew);

giving N regularly spaced data points {xnew, ynew} interpolated over your 1D data set.

There is a nice lengthy thread here with details on various ways to obtain spectral estimates for unevenly sampled data. If you follow the advice in that thread, you will find a number of choices on how to compute the Lomb-Scargle periodogram from MATLAB central. That might just do the trick but I have not tried it myself.

You can alternately try implementing autocorrelation on nonlinearly sampled data with methods such as those delineated in http://www.eckner.com/papers/unevenly_spaced_time_series_analysis.pdf

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