Im trying to invoke a bash scrip from an ant target. This is my target :

<target name="report" depends="test">
    <!-- Step 3: Create coverage report -->
    <exec executable="./"

        <!-- This task needs the collected execution data and ... -->
            <file file="${result.exec.file}" />

        <!-- the class files and optional source files ... -->
        <structure name="JaCoCo Ant Example">
                <fileset dir="${result.classes.dir}" />
            <sourcefiles encoding="UTF-8">
                <fileset dir="${src.dir}" />

        <!-- to produce reports in different formats. -->
        <html destdir="${}" />
        <csv destfile="${}/report.csv" />
        <xml destfile="${}/report.xml" />

And my bash script is :

mkdir -p "$DEST_FOLDER"


find ./project -name "*.java" >> "$DEST_FOLDER/$CLASSES_FILE"
while read p; do 
    java -jar ./utilJars/checkstyle-6.5-all.jar -c ./sun_checks.xml -f xml $p >> "$DEST_FOLDER/$REPORT_FILE"

When typing ./checkStyle everything works fine, but when I try "ant report" the following error is raised:

/home/luci/workspace/operations/build.xml:60: exec returned: 3

Total time: 4 seconds

I`ve searched on google and that code seems to be "permision denied", but i dont know how i could solve this problem.

Generally with Ant (and Java), you cannot directly execute shell scripts. You need to execute the interpreter/shell and give the script as an argument.

For example:

    <exec executable="/bin/bash" failonerror="true" osfamily="unix">
        <arg value="-c"/>
        <arg value="./"/>

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