I'm writing a set of User Defined Functions (UDF) for Hive in a Java Maven project.

I'm using maven assembly plugin to generate an uber-jar. However, I'm also including tons of dependencies I'm sure hive already has on it's classpath, SLF4j for instance.

Is there a simple way (tool) to know what's already on the hive classpath ? I'm using HDP 2.2 from Horton Works


dependency:analyze in Maven Dependency Plugin will help.

dependency:analyze analyzes the dependencies of this project and determines which are: used and declared; used and undeclared; unused and declared.


dependency:tree is another thing that might help. This has tools to allow you to do the analysis yourself.

dependency:tree displays the dependency tree for this project.


  • that's useful, and part of the solution. However I already know about those tools, so the addition would be to have a correct way to know what's already on the hive classpath. For instance, slf4j jars could already be on the hive classpath, but in a different version. – Erwan Queffélec May 18 '15 at 15:17

The Query to get a list of all jars that are included in the ClassPath of Hive is:

hive> list jars;

The output will look like


The jar location with file: prefix is the one which was available in the ClassPath by default. The others were added explicitly by users using the add jar command.

  • nope, it isn't. I believe this command only lists jars that were explicitly added using ADD JAR [...] (at least in my case, it does). – Erwan Queffélec May 20 '15 at 9:26

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