I use Laravels many to many relations. I have 2 tables projects and groups and pivot table project_group

Now I can do something like this:

$groups = \App\Project::findOrFail(Auth::user() -> id)->groups()->where('adminid','=',Auth::user()->id)->get();

It will return just Groups...Like this:


But I need to return like this:


So for each loop I need to get group and all project linked to that group.

Here is my relation into Project modul:

public function groups(){
    return $this ->belongsToMany('App\Group','project_group')->withPivot('admin_id');

You can define the inverse of the relationship in your Group model.

public function projects(){
    return $this->belongsToMany('App\Project','project_group')->withPivot('admin_id');

And then, use it in your eloquent query.

$groups = Group::with('projects')->get();

You'll be able to loop through your groups and in each group get all projects.

foreach($groups as $group) {
  foreach($group->projects as $project){
    //your project

I don't really understand the usage of Auth::user() -> id but if you only want project where the current user is admin you can use a condition in the with function.

$groups = Group::with(['projects' => function($query) {
  $query->where('adminid', Auth::user()->id)
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    Auth::user()->id returns the id of the currently logged-in user. In Laravel 5, there's a middleware that checks if a user is logged in, and you can access that record (fields and relationships) using Auth::user(). – Tim Lewis Apr 15 '15 at 16:26

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