I am working with iOS 8 and Swift. I want to use the official socket.io client but for some reason it does not attempt to connect. I followed the example given here: https://github.com/socketio/socket.io-client-swift

let socket = SocketIOClient(socketURL: "\(CurrentConfiguration.serverURL)") 

socket.reconnects = true
socket.reconnectWait = 10
socket.nsp = "/messagelist"

// Connect

socket.onAny {println("got event: \($0.event) with items \($0.items)")} 
socket.on("connect") {data, ack in
    println("socket connected")

socket.on("error") {data in
    println("socket ERROR")

Can anyone confirm this? Is this a version problem or maybe related to Swift 1.2?

On the server side i cant even recognize a connection attempt. The variable serverURL is the same as i had before and


Make sure to call socket.connect() after you call your handlers. A good practice would be to create a function with all of your required handlers, and call it in the viewDidLoad method. Aftewards you would then call the connect method.


let socket = SocketIOClient(socketURL: "URL") 

override func viewDidLoad() {

   // socket.io

func addHandlers() {

   self.socket.onAny {println("Got event: \($0.event), with items: \($0.items)")}

   self.socket.on("processReq") {[weak self] data, ack in
   // handler code here


You should use SocketIOClient instance as class property.

class aClass {
    let socket = SocketIOClient(socketURL: url)

    func someFunction() {
        socket.on("connect") {data, ack in
            println("socket connected")

I think it's because there's lots of closures used in it.

  • well ok, i can do a new class and make everything a class method but how do i connect in the VC anyway? I tried your solution but it still wont even try to connect – longbow May 27 '15 at 17:35

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