The following code work perfectly in Chrome

function myFunction() {
var blob = new Blob(['<a id="a"><b id="b">hey!</b></a>'], {type : 'text/html'});
var newurl = window.URL.createObjectURL(blob);
    document.getElementById("myFrame").src = newurl;

But it is not working with IE. Can some one please tell me what is wrong here.

The iframe "src" also set to the blob as shown below.

<iframe id="myFrame" src="blob:0827B944-D600-410D-8356-96E71F316FE4"></iframe>

Note: I went on the window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob(newBlob) path as well but no luck so far.


According to http://caniuse.com/#feat=datauri IE 11 has only got partial support for Data URI's. It states support is limited to images and linked resources like CSS or JS, not HTML files.

Non-base64-encoded SVG data URIs need to be uriencoded to work in IE and Firefox as according to this specification.

  • Yes this is a limitation in IE at the moment – Hiran Sep 17 '15 at 5:23

I've run into the same problem with IE. However, I've been able to get the download/save as piece working in IE 10+ using filesaver.js.

function onClick(e) {
    var data = { x: 42, s: "hello, world", d: new Date() },
    fileName = "my-download.json";
    var json = JSON.stringify(data),
        blob = new Blob([json], {type: "octet/stream"});

   saveAs(blob, fileName);      

   return false;


See http://jsfiddle.net/o0wk71n2/ (based on answer by @kol to JavaScript blob filename without link)

  • The download/save is ok for me too. But do you have any idea why it is not working with iframe – Hiran Sep 17 '15 at 4:14

An example I did for Blob as a source of iFrame and working great with one important CAUTION / WARNING:

const blobContent = new Blob([getIFrameContent()], {type: "text/html"});
var iFrame = document.createElement("iframe");
iFrame.src = URL.createObjectURL(blobContent);

iFrame with Blob is not auto redirect protocol, meaning, having <script src="//domain.com/script.js"</script> inside the iframe head or body won't load the JS script at all even on Chrome 61 (current version).

it doesn't know what to do with source "blob" as protocol. this is a BIG warning here.

Solution: This code will solve the issue, it runs mostly for VPAID ads and working for auto-protocol:

function createIFrame(iframeContent) {
    let iFrame = document.createElement("iframe");
    iFrame.src = "about:blank";
    iFrameContainer.innerHTML = ""; // (optional) Totally Clear it if needed

    let iFrameDoc = iFrame.contentWindow && iFrame.contentWindow.document;
    if (!iFrameDoc) {
    console.log("iFrame security.");

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