We have navigated to my development folder in command prompt.


Now when I try to do a eb or eb init

I get the below error

Elastic Bean Error

Python 3.4 is installed. Can that be a problem?

There is no reference to this error in the Amazon Docs as well.

It's a standard Node.JS/ExpressJS Project.

Please guide.

Cheers and Thanks in Advance.


I had this problem on Windows 10.

I installed Python to c:\Program Files\Python\Python35 and I believe the space in the path caused the problem.

In the eb-script.py file in the c:\Program Files\Python\Python35\Scripts folder edit the first line to be quoted, like this:

#!"c:\program files\python\python35\python.exe"

Obviously you need it to match your own installation path.


Got help from AWS Forums.

Run python eb-script.py command in Python34\Scripts directory.

It should be the same as running eb command.

And eb is up and running.

Try hitting eb --help

Cheers! :)


It's because for Windows, newer Python by default installs in-




If you have chosen a different location during Python installation, you will see wrong path to "python.exe" in "eb-script.py" file.

Change it so that it points to "python.exe" found in your Python installation directory.

Lastly, there are a total of 3 paths that should be added to your Windows Path under System variables-




Again, verify all paths by visiting them and apply accordingly following your installation paths.


I encountered this just now and fixed via:

pip uninstall awsebcli
pip install awsebcli

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