So I have an rspec test that I am trying to get my program to validate against:

code snippet from rspec test:

context '#validate(test_tool)' do
   it { expect(test_tool.validate).to raise_error StandardError }

code snippet from test_tool (test_tool is the program I wrote to pass the rspec test) Inside test_tool there are multiple methods, but I just pulled out the one method that the rspec test is looking for:

def self.validate
     raise StandardError

I have googled everywhere. No matter how I attempt to raise this error. I keep getting an error. Please see snippet of console output:

example at ./spec/training_site/spec_test.rb:56 (FAILED - 1)


  1) MyClass #validate(test_tool) 
     Failure/Error: it { expect(MyClass.validate).to raise_error StandardError }

Line 56 is just the 2nd line from the 1st code snippet.

Basically, I'm looking for troubleshooting and or example on how I should accomplish this.

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    Can you try expect{MyClass.validate} instead of expect(MyClass.validate) ? Commented Apr 16, 2015 at 14:48
  • @Maxim - yeah that appeared to work. Why did I need to use curly braces instead of parenthesis?
    – adbarads
    Commented Apr 16, 2015 at 14:53

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This is correct spec. You should use {} (block brackets) since you are waiting for it to raise error. Simple brackets that you have use are for values checking.

context '#validate(test_tool)' do
  it { expect{test_tool.validate}.to raise_error StandardError }

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