I am reading several sql queries from database inside a loop as below:

{ // start of loop
 Map<String, Object> queryRS = this.jdbcTemplate.queryForMap(this.querySql,queryParam);
 String query = (String) queryRS.get("QUERY");

// code here as explained below

} // end of loop 

The query returned could have any number of parameters. However, in all of them I have to set same date as the parameter.

For this I am counting the number of occurrence of character ? in the query and creating an Object array with same date repeated as below.

String date = '2010-12-31';
int numArgs = StringUtils.countMatches(query, "?");
String[] paramArgs = new String[numArgs];
for (int i = 0; i < numArgs; i++) {
        paramArgs[i] = date;

After which I am executing the query as below:

SqlRowSet myRowSet = this.jdbcTemplate.queryForRowSet(query,(Object[]) paramArgs);

However, this is giving error when the query has a Date(?) function.

com.ibm.db2.jcc.am.SqlSyntaxErrorException: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-245, SQLSTATE=428F5, SQLERRMC=DATE;1, DRIVER=3.64.96

The description of above error is:

An untyped parameter marker is passed to a function and there are two or more possible candidate functions to resolve to during function resolution.

What is the solution to this?

Thanks for reading!

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I suppose you are using String jdbcTemplate.

I had not the same but a similar problem: the function was char(?) and I was passing an integer argument to it.
I was using a Old framework Ibatis 2.x (now I use MyBatis 3.x). The framework was not the error cause.
On Ibatis I pass the argument so: char(#value:INTEGER#)
On my develop server all was work well but on remote production server I get your same error.

The problem was caused by the JDBC driver version 4.x on develop end 1.x on production.
To solve my problem I have two ways:

  • change the production driver (but I cannot)
  • use a different call: char('$value:INTEGER$') (I do this)

In IBATIS/MYBATIS framework, if value is 123, char('$value:INTEGER$') is translate to sql char('123') so solve my problem and when production change driver I can put back to char(#value:INTEGER#).

You have a similar problem. Try to:

I do not use direct access to jdbcTemplate but I think that you have not to put args in string, you have to create a Date variable end put it in an Object array.

I hope that this can help you.

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