everyone! Help me please with connecting to the Microsoft RDP Client Control using QAxContainer.QAxWidget() in Python and PyQt...

This is my code snippet:

QAx_RDP = QAxContainer.QAxWidget(self)
QAx_RDP.setProperty('Server', 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx')
QAx_RDP.setProperty('UserName', 'user')

All works fine, but I need to enter the password manually... My QAx_RDP object has the AdvancedSettings2.ClearTextPassword property, but this property is not accessible. I tried to do it in two ways:

 1. QAx_RDP.AdvancedSettings2.ClearTextPassword = "password"
 2. QAx_RDP.setProperty('ClearTextPassword', "password")

Neither of them works. How can I send a password programmatically?



I have only done so with C++.

Imported RDP mstscax.dll with dumpcpp tool. Or you can do so with TYPELIBS = $$PWD/rdp/mstscax.dll in project.pro file and use produced definitions by including them in the project (see generated files). Then created ActiveX object rdpWidget out of MSTSCLib::MsRdpClient8NotSafeForScripting (imported definition). You can use other versions as well.

// used parent widget for embedding ActiveX in it -- this
auto* rdpWidget = new MSTSCLib::MsRdpClient8NotSafeForScripting(this);

Also called:

rdpWidget->show(); // what starts with lower-case is Qt method and uppercase is COM method
MSTSCLib::IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings* pAdvSettings = rdpWidget->AdvancedSettings2();
rdpWidget->Connect(); // don't forget!

Plus, there is quite a lot of event handling which is for specific purposes. It is a bit hard to cover everything in short reply but the ultimate source on that is MSDN. All this example is just a few lines but in reality there is many more. Should you have specific questions, you can ask them separately.

EDIT: update for another user who asks how to deal with dumpcpp import. Don't directly include it but rather do it by hand:

// Mind the structure of at least one RDP-related file in the project
// All includes

#include "mstscax.h" // see .pro file for TYPELIBS = $$PWD/rdp/mstscax.dll

// My code as above

// bottom of file: include own import file with all remaining functions
// with compile errors excluded by hand there is a handful of those
// complaining about private constructor of QObject or so
#include "mstscax_impl.cpp"
  • hi, i have used dumpcpp to generated .h and .cpp files(like mstsclib.h and mstsclib.cpp) for mstscax.dll. but when i include mstsclib.h header file, many errors occur in my qt project. after googling, i think these codes cause these errors: // stub for vtable-only interface class IMsTscNonScriptable : public QAxObject {}; // stub for vtable-only interface class IMsRdpClientNonScriptable : public QAxObject {}; have you ever met these errors ? or can you upload your codes about mstscax.dll ? i will be appretiated if you can tell me your email address . thanks May 26 '15 at 11:33
  • @user2848932: I have updated my answer. Mind QAX_DUMPCPP_MSTSCLIB_NOINLINES. May 26 '15 at 14:25
  • thanks for you help ! i have done as what you said,but i still get errors. after i include mstscax.h and add #define QAX_DUMPCPP_MSTSCLIB_NOINLINES, lnk2001 unresolved external symbol errors happens. i think this error is associated with .cpp file. is the file mstscax_impl.cpp made by yourself ? can i communicate with you by email? my email is libin0410@126.com. thank you again ! May 26 '15 at 15:59

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