I am powering a web search using Sphinx, and am getting the following error message while building the indexes:

WARNING: sort_hits: merge_block_size=76 kb too low, increasing mem_limit may improve performance

The problem is I can't find any documentation on where this setting is configured. I'm somewhat versed on Sphinx setup, so I just need to know where the setting is configured.

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This is probably happening because you're trying to index too many items at once. Make sure you're using ranged queries. If you're already using ranged queries, increasing the mem_limit, as it suggests, may help. The merge_block_size is based on mem_limit and the number of documents.

If you're curious as to how it generates that number, check out the source. It's freely available.


In sphinx.conf:

sql_query_range   = SELECT MIN(id),MAX(id) FROM documents
sql_range_step = 1000
sql_query = SELECT * FROM documents WHERE id>=$start AND id<=$end

If the table contains document IDs from 1 to, say, 2345, then sql_query would be run three times:

  1. with $start replaced with 1 and $end replaced with 1000;
  2. with $start replaced with 1001 and $end replaced with 2000;
  3. with $start replaced with 2000 and $end replaced with 2345.

Obviously, that's not much of a difference for 2000-row table, but when it comes to indexing 10-million-row MyISAM table, ranged queries might be of some help.


Hope it works for you.

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